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RRAD is an award-winning product & software agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, committed to helping worldwide entrepreneurs and business leaders disrupt their industries.
  • The team is made of ex-startup founders and top talent in Product, UX/UI, Software development and Machine & Deep Learning. They came together from various backgrounds with one vision: to bring a lean, user-centric approach to product innovation and software development.
  • RRAD provides end-to-end IT services in Web, Mobile & Cloud. From inception, UX/UI design, and development to Software deployment.
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  • Discuss the project

    Initial project idea and Scope

    In the first step we take project idea from you and find the scope of the project.

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    Prototyping and development

    Based on the idea we develop a prototype and elaborate to you.

  • Final approvement


    After you approve we develop the project and handover to them.


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Nimontron is an application for sending invitations to guests for Events organized by Bangladesh Police developed by Robust Research And Development (RRAD).  

Virtual CRC

Bangladesh is committed to a corruption-free and inclusive government. Platforms for Dialogue is working with Civil Society Organisations and Government Officials to improve democratic ownership and improve accountability mechanisms. Mission Platforms for Dialogue (P4D), a European Union-funded project in partnership with the Cabinet Division, is working to improve good governance and engage civil society organizations (CSOs) and citizens in government accountability mechanisms. Vision With our partners, Platforms for Dialogue is increasing awareness of citizen rights, promoting democratic ownership, and supporting government officials to improve accountability and responsiveness. Implemented by the British Council, the five-year, 13-million Euro project is a unique initiative that is working directly with both citizens and CSOs as well as the government to address reforms. The project is propelled by a number of lively Civil Society Organisations operating at the grassroots level. P4D’s key intervention is capacity building for local civil society organizations and representatives of local government bodies. At the local level, the project supports discussions on policy issues in 21 districts. At the national level, P4D supports government institutions to deliver on ambitions set out in the 7th Five Year Plan. The project focuses on social accountability tools, including the National Integrity Strategy, the Right to Information Act 2009, the Grievance Redress System, and the Citizen’s Charter. Result areas P4D is working across three result areas: Stronger Civil Society: Improve CSOs' ability to influence government policy, hold government accountable, and ensure better representation of citizens' interests Better Governance: Improve government accountability and responsiveness through enhanced capacity building for government officials and CSO engagement Partnership for Dialogue: Develop and introduce new tools and policy platforms to facilitate dialogue between the government of Bangladesh and its citizens. Project reach During the initial three years of implementation, P4D has focused its work on the community level. We have worked with CSOs at the grassroots level in 21 Districts, focusing on initiatives at the Upazila level. Our activities include Multi-Actor Partnerships, Social Action Projects, local government training, CSO capacity building, and sensitizing the public on social accountability tools like Citizen's Charter, RTI, GRS, and NIS. Moving forward, P4D will shift its focus to the regional level. We will work in 12 Districts with regional civil society organizations and government offices to organize District-level policy dialogues, MAPs, sensitization campaigns, collaborative events, CSO capacity building, and government training. The final stage of the project will reach the ministry level of government and CSOs with national reach. The project will focus on policy dialogues between government ministries and national-level CSOs, large-scale sensitization campaigns, and further fostering democratic ownership and government accountability at the highest levels.  

Sure Care

SureCare is an innovative responsive medical services platform that provides medical advisory services to its members. The platform is composed of a network of national and international doctors and practitioners as well as medical service providers in Bangladesh. The advisory services include the following:
Healthy lifestyle every day: ◦ Encouraging SureCare members to live a healthy life through preventive care (blood pressure, diabetes check, healthy body weight, immunization); ◦ Enabling members to create and maintain a personalized medical record file through the SureCare app. ◦ Sending periodic reminders using the SureCare apps to members for healthy lifestyle practices • Discounts in diagnostic services ◦ SureCare participating hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers will offer 5 to 10 percent discounts for eligible tests and services [the members will receive a list of providers, services, and discounts] Counseling and review service in cases of acute illness and hospitalization ◦ If a SureCare member is diagnosed with an acute illness (e.g. heart problem, cancer) and is advised for intervention or hospitalization, the member will call the SureCare call center during the regular office hours (9 am to 5 pm Saturday-Thursday) or report to SureCare by using the SureCare app. ◦ SureCare Medical Officer (MO) will be assigned for the case. The MO will contact the member as soon as possible (same day). S/he will review the reports and will provide immediate advice on options of treatment to the member as an advisory service. S/he will scan all the reports and send them to the appropriate reviewer (participating specialist doctors). All the SureCare specialist reviewers are recognized and internationally reputed doctors living in Bangladesh or countries in Australia, Europe, and North America. ◦ The reviewer will review the reports and further provide advice on possible options for treatment within 58 hours to ensure that the members can choose from viable treatment options available including a review of illnesses, second opinion cases.

Bangladesh Customs Info


Bangladesh Customs Info

Application developed by us for National Board of Revenue and Bangladesh Customs.

This app is a single platform to get all relevant information and ideas relating to HS Codes, regulatory requirements, duty structures, SROs, Import-export policies, acts, procedures, budgetary changes, and fiscal measures of Bangladesh Customs. Making it error-free and updated is a real challenge and the best effort has been rendered to achieve it. The latest regulatory changes has been incorporated as it happened. Its usage for noncommercial purposes is completely free. This is developed as part of the private contribution of Bangladesh Customs officials for moving towards a digital customs environment.



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