MoU with the Department of CSE, Feni University

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in our pursuit of collaboration and innovation. Robust Research and Development Ltd, has officially signed a momentous Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the esteemed Department of CSE, Feni University on 13 Jun 2023.

This MoU signing represents our strong commitment to fostering academic-industry partnerships and shaping a sustainable future together. It marks the beginning of an exciting chapter of collaboration, where we will embark on a journey of exploration, knowledge exchange, and cutting-edge research.

Through this partnership, our goal is to empower talents, fuel progress, and drive innovation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Together with Feni University, we will create transformative experiences, facilitate industry-relevant training sessions, and pave the way for groundbreaking projects.

We are incredibly excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead as we combine our expertise, resources, and passion for innovation. Stay tuned for updates on the remarkable initiatives and milestones that will emerge from this extraordinary collaboration!

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